Marauda - The Return of the Honest Rum

From the beginning, rum was about reinvention. Transforming a byproduct of sugar into a spirit that would move the world. For anyone willing to see it, rum was a symbol of what could be. But for years that symbol has been lost, buried, waiting to be discovered again.

Drink Straight

Marauda is best experienced without adornment.
Notice its amber hue, the color of the sea reflecting a low sun. The smell of sugar plantations in the air, old oak beneath your feet. To taste Marauda is to stand at the bow of a ship, creaking against the weight of an ocean, with the world laid out in front of you.

Are You With Us

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We're not here to win medals. But as Marauda makes its way to farther and farther
shores, the list of those who are with us grows.

GOLD - Concurso Internacional del Ron Madrid 2015
GOLD - International Review of Spirits Awards (BTI) 2015
GOLD - China Wine & Spirits Awards 2015
GOLD - MicroLiquor Competition 2015
GOLD - Denver International Spirits Competition 2015

SILVER - an Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015
SILVER - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2015
SILVER - International Spirits Challenge 2015
SILVER - International Wine & Spirits Competition 2015
BRONZE - SIP Awards 2015